They say that there is no such thing as ideal in this world, and to look for one is an unavailing pursuit. But contrary to this popular notion, ideals do exist and they sustain their existence in the minds of the “idealists”. For some it must be quite surprising to know that in fact, idealists with their carefully crafted “ideals” played remarkable roles in moving and shaping modern human history and in the development of today’s dynamic civilization. They were set of ideals in form of great visions, thoughts, and theories which evidently helped transformed the Old-fashioned world into the New modern world.

The special breed of Idealists such as Plato, Hegel, Marx, Kant and Ibn Rushd were the wave of the future and their wisdom was the key driving force behind a universal intellectual transformation. Modern advancement in all areas of human activity  such as: politics, Research & Development, Art, culture, science and technology find their common roots in  some splendid philosophical thoughts and are inspired by visionary ideals.

Now if we take to heart the present scenario in our part of the world, then we come to know that due to the skeptical associations with some particular terms in our society, one could fairly expect the unwitting general public in Pakistan to show lack of keen interest in great thoughts and theories. But as a matter of realness and disgust, the ruling elites in collaboration with religious orthodoxy in our county have been willfully mutilating the spirit of some of the very epoch-making ideals, such as: modernization, secularism, free-thought, self-autonomy and most notably the Liberalism.

The concept of modernization has been malignly mingled with Westernization, secularism with apostasy, and free-thought with blasphemy and so on. This vicious project of undermining the intellectual capacity of people, which is practiced not just in Pakistan but in entire Muslim world, is in my view, the greatest crime against humanity. Without a doubt, one fact is crystal clear that we are passing through a very difficult and testing phase of history. Gigantic challenges such as religious extremism, terrorism, corruption, injustice, ignorance and poverty are the hallmark of Pakistan and Muslim world.