How do you define change and how does change looks like to you?

I see change as innovation, introducing something new, aiming at strengthening and developing personal life or an organization, for sustainability purposes.

Immersing in a new job and culture can be overwhelming to an individual. This is the time you get to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and see how proactive to reciprocate to different scenarios. In my career journey as a financial and investment coach, working both in my country and abroad, I have learned the importance of how to embrace change and being innovative in such space.

Work attitude

Being committed and embodying the right work attitude increases your values and level of motivation. Consider ways on how to improve relationships with the people surrounding you, and work towards building your brand. This might sound easy if you are an adaptable person or difficult especially if you are unwilling to accept change introduced.

Implementation of an Idea

Personally, I like to participate and get involved in a challenging task, this portrays your uniqueness.You might have an idea which will not be warmly welcomed.
This is the time you sit back, evaluate and analyze your idea. It is common that you will get resistance but that should not discourage you. Instead, give yourself time to learn and acquire knowledge relevant to a specific task you are undertaking and come up with smart ways to deliver. Getting involved with other team members in planning changes will help to boost your level of confidence and you will become more willing and flexible to accept tasks allocated.


I consider myself a jack of all trades, but sometimes when push comes to shove I seek support. Many people resist because they are worried about the way a given change will affect their productivity. My advice would be to embrace change and look at it from a different angle and see the change as a positive result. If you are unclear about something please communicate and have a mutual understanding. Seeking support will enable you not to feel the major impact of change in your personal life or organization environment. View this as professional development training.

Life is a learning process,  meeting new people, traveling to different places, encountering challenges, knowing that life is not a bed of roses, will enable you to look at things positively and you will become a productive and function effectively both professionally and in relationships. Being capable to diagnose situations, possess the ability to act and be adaptable to change.