It is not easy to give specific answer for this question, but I feel that a lot of things had changed, my everyday habits and way of thinking, I think exposing to different culture help me to be more open minded.  During this year I had more time to look inside my heart and think about who I am?    I become fully responsible for my life; I learnt how to get a head. Also, it is an opportunity to learn how to go beyond my immediate feeling and grow up.

On Professional level it is a huge development, great improvement in my English, I become more able to organize myself- setting priorities.

Being a fellow at WfWI give me an opportunity to get knowledge on how economic empowerment project work. I remember my first month here when I felt I will not understand all this projects and activities, but now I know I can back home and talk about WfWI, and explain how this organization work and I feel proud when I say “the women we served, I believe in the vision and I feel belong to the mission of this organization.

Being an Atlas corps fellow offer me an opportunity to engage with of best youth leaders  from all over the world , know about their countries and  culture, and of course  it is a big  professional and social network.

      I do believe that life is a test, but now I can say “life is a test, but I can have choices. Everyone has an image about himself in a particular way; I use to see myself as an independent woman, I understand that building a strong career is what I want, I know it is a long way but I can to reach the end.

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