It has been almost one year since the fellowship started and I want to share with you what I have learned and how my perspective has changed. As it is not only about learning experiences but also about reassessing beliefs and attitudes.

It has not only been about growing as professional but as a person as well.



To begin I have to say one of the biggest learning experiences hascome from sharing stories, moments and challenges with many fellows from all over the world. Aside from geographic lessons, I have also experienced peace building lessons. By interacting with them I have reassessedmy stereotypes.When I get to know anyone that is culturally different than me I realize that they are great and awesome despite our differences and I confirm that kindness is universal.

Furthermore, they have encouraged me to ignite my passion and motivate me to bring to reality ideas that at times have crossed my mind but felt challenging. When I see them engage in leadership and entrepreneurshipskillsI regain my passion and motivation to bring my ideas into reality and hopefully soon I will have my own host organization.

Most significantly, with them, I have found people who like me, think that a better world is possible.They are committed to this cause and have many wonderful ideas to make it happen. For this reason I see I am not alone in this purpose.

Now, in a personal dimension, it has been a priceless experience as well. As human beings we are continuously learning, but when we are out of our comfort zone we grow in an exponential way. As we face many challenges we often struggle adapt and at the end of the day overcome them. This confirms that what does not kill you makes you stronger.

Moreover, it has been an experience to reaffirm my identity as a Colombian. This is a funny experience because when I was in my country, I never thought about it, but now sharing with people from so many different nationalities makes me think about my culture and realize how Colombian I am and how proud I am of it as well.

Now, regarding my professional experience.Working alongside a diverse group of youth from different countries and especially with young women has been extremely rewarding. As a result, now I have a bigger understanding of the youth… I say this because I now know have not only the perspective of the Colombian youth but the youth from so many countries too.

Before I finish I want to express my gratitude to my host organization the Latin American youth Center, to Atlascorps, to America Solidaria and to my fellow fellows for making this an unforgettable experience. It is truly a blessing to have been here and have had this wonderful opportunity. I could not be more grateful. To all of you the best of luck. You will all always be in my hearth.

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