Working shoulder to shoulder with the community may be hard at times, however, it brings many rewards. It is great to see the change on the people around you!DSC04686

She is Violet (her name has been changed due to confidentiality). She is Latin and  was born 18 years ago in a Central American country. As many of the youth who I have had the opportunity to meet during my fellowship, she had to face many challenges since she was little. She never had a parent that cared about her but her grandmother.

Since early she wanted to conquer the world, and actually that’s what she does every day on her current life. Daily she faces many challenges courageously. The independence and autonomy developed due to her difficulties have made her such a well prepared young woman to live life. She crossed the American border trough Mexico. Her friend tricked her, promising to pay money that did not exist and that Violet had to pay with her body.  She got by herself in a country, with a different language, different weather, different customs, different people. She faced the hardest time when following her friend. Once in the United States without any place to go she found a foster home where she had to endure the bulling of the other girls, something similar happened to her at her school.

Several months have happened since then. Nowadays, you see a different woman. She has a higher self esteem. She is confident, she has clear goals and knows what she wants in life. Additionally, after so many disappointments she is trusting people again. The most important part now she is grateful for all the difficulties that she went through, she does not assume herself as a victim anymore, she saw them as a challenges and feels happy for all the growing and the experience gained after her hard time. When I look at her now, I think how resilient the human being can be, it is what resilience is about!

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