Approximately two months ago I was leaving my comfortable life in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to begin a new journey in the United States of America. I decided to quit my promising job in a consulting company and leave my friends and family behind to embrace new challenges of life and career and try to find answers to many of my life’s dilemmas.

Who am I? What matters to me? What motivates me? What is my footprint in the world? What is my role in the society? How can I change the world? Etc…

Leaving my comfort zone was a good strategy to expand my perspective and plenty of the answers I was looking for came faster than I could imagine and many other questions and doubts arose in my life!

But still, from times to times, I catch myself asking unsettling questions such as “why did this person act like that?”, “why did this person give up about his youth ideals?”, “why is it happening?” and “am I doing enough?”. Considering role models exist everywhere, but are far from being abundant, I also started asking “why do I do what I do?“.

I was very happy and surprised when surfing on the web I found the project: “WDYDWYD?” 

– “What motivates you to teach photography to visually impaired people?”

The question asked by a boy to Tony Deifell started an artistic community, as Tony decided to build the project “Why You Do What You Do?”. The invitation is for people to express their motivations through a picture and a short explanation.
The result is touching, sensitive, human and – sometimes – elevating.

About me, why do I do what I do? Well, I believe I am far from an answer but I think I do what I do because I want to make a difference in this world and doing what I do I’m currently exploring how I can do that…

PS:  For those who want to be inspired, it is worth visiting the project website ( and watching the TED talk with Tonny Robins 9


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