Last week was the coronation of the new King of Spain, Felipe Vi. It was time for a change to the political and social situation in Spain where many Spaniards expected the beginning of the third Spanish Republic instead the continuation of the Monarchy.

Serving in a country which has not seen Kings and Queens, and serving to the population which most of the times has no voice in the society, it was more than exciting for me to know their opinion about the news in my home country and share it with the world.

Miriam´s Kitchen has two writing groups everyday where homeless people can express themselves with freedom, create poems, discuss and respect others opinion. This is the result of one of the Miriam´s Kitchen guests:

The New King of Spain
By Robert Warren

For what do you say to my new king?
Democracy is a new thing that every city try’s
The people will fight or die for it
Those who represent it will lie
For many a mother will cry
Reputations of man will fry
Economic crises record joblessness will apply
A lot of greed and high finance lifestyle many will try
Corruptions and scandals centering on one’s popularity
The people will sigh
A new king and a democracy is all about how one lives his life.

For what do you say to a new king?
Maybe democracy is not a good thing
Maybe what the people need is a good king
Who could ran everything
I hope you will be that king
I don’t know I probably will never speak to a new king.

Spain's new King Felipe VI arrives to appear on the balcony of the Royal Palace in Madrid

Let’s see if, as some Spaniards called him, is the King of the change and transparency in the country which, as many other countries, need.

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