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Last week Atlas Corps gived to each fellow of the Class28 the opportunity to present their country amoung the 8 nationalities, but how was welcomed Albania ?

Albania officially the Republic of Albania is a country in Southeastern Europe. It has a total population of 3 million people as of 2016. Albania is a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic with the capital in Tirana.

The first presentation was started bu Russia an amazing viewpoint from a Russia Fellow – Maria Bevza, after it were presented one by one distinguesh countries El Salvador – Edward Lopez, Palestine – Iman Ahmend, Morocco – Mouna Boujmal, Tunisia – Oumayma Ben Abdallah, Pakistan – Muhammad Ilyas & Zohaib Noorani and at least but not last was the presentation of Albania by Marilo Meta & Celstina Mucollari.

During the others presentation I was very curious and happy to know more for their culture, tradition, lifestyle, religion, history but I was in anxious for my country Albania, if It will be good appreciated.

The reaction from the fellows was so warm and full of interest and after I finished the presentation all came without hesitation to take pictures with the Albanian flag.

Meaning of Albania Flag: A red field with the black double-headed eagle in the center.  The red stands for bravery, strength and valor, while the double-headed eagle represents the sovereign state of Albania. The flag was first adopted as the national flag of modern Albania in 1912.

I could say proudly we became part of the great family of Atlas Corps merging and intertwining our cultures, traditions and vision for a desirable future.


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