December, January, or February… If the girl from Siberia will see a lot of snow, feel snowflakes on her face, and make a snow woman, or snowman, and be lost in the snowstorm, she will be happy…

Somewhere in Siberia...

Somewhere in Siberia…

While I am looking forward to riding my bike during the winter in D.C., my other friends, Atlas Corps Fellows, are a bit worried.

Most of them asked me to write any TIPS & TRICKS how to survive in winter.

So, please follow some simple TIPS and TRICKS below:

TIP # 1.

Please always keep your feet in the dried and warm condition. It means that you always should wear waterproof, dried and warm snow-boots. To dry your snow-boots you can put crumple newspapers into your boots, and locate your boots near the heating or use a special dryer for boots (please check or

Shoes dryer

Shoes dryer

TIP # 2.

Always wear dried socks (stockings/tights for girls), and wool/cotton socks for men.

TIP # 3.

It is better to put on your clothes layer by layer. If you have a choice between cotton, wool and acrylic sweater/hoodie, always choose cotton bottom layer, and wool up.

TIP # 4.

We are ready for winter!

We are ready for winter!

Always cover your head (use whatever you have a scarf, hat, hood), because sometimes the windy weather can cause a severe headache and pain in your ears.

TIP # 5.

If you feel that you are getting sick, always wrap your scarf and close your throat (I always wear two scarf inside the coat and outside).

TIP # 6.

If you are waiting for a bus outside and feel that you freeze up, take some simple physical exercises (small jumping, clapping, even dancing) what makes your blood run faster, and your body will become warmer. Sometimes it is better to walk than wait for a bus.

These very simple advices can help you survive the winter in the U.S.

Tomorrow will be the first official winter day, December 1!

So, Winter, you are welcome!

Deepa is looking forward to meeting winter!

Deepa is dancing not to be frozen!

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