Meet Comfort Umoren-Olorunnisomo, one of our newest global changemakers who is inspiring positive change in our world.

Name: Comfort Umoren-Olorunnisomo

Home Country: Nigeria

Fellowship Class: Class 49

Host Organization: Deseret Management Corporation

Comfort is a rising leader from Nigeria and begins her Atlas Corps leadership journey as a Class 49 Fellow! She will be serving at Deseret Management Corporation as the Global Communications Fellow, where she will assist their global reach efforts and broaden her experiences on media brands, communications, public relations, and the nexus of how those issues impact society as a whole.

Today, Comfort shares with us some of her lessons on leadership and her goals during the Atlas Corps Fellowship.

What does leadership mean to you?

Personally, leadership means service, dedication to a cause, and helping others to grow on their way to achieve the team’s goals. It’s also the act of inspiring, motivating, bringing out the best in others and producing even better leaders than yourself. To achieve these, leaders must be knowledgeable and never stop learning, lead by example, build trust, share knowledge and opportunities to help the team grow, have clear vision(s), and be able to communicate, lead, guide and influence them to achieve set goals.

What are you most excited about joining Atlas Corps as a Fellow?

I am most excited about the learning, knowledge sharing, collaborating and networking opportunities that the Atlas Corps Fellowship and [my work] at the Host Organization [will] provide, which will help me grow personally and professionally.

Tell us about what you will be doing at Deseret Management Corporation and what you hope to gain from the experience?

I will be serving at Deseret Management Corporation (DMC) as a Global Communications Fellow, where I’ll be working with the Global Reach team in its PR and media relations efforts and other communications projects in ensuring a more diverse, inclusive and exceptional results in line with the company’s mission. 

I hope to gain in-depth understanding and exposure on how PR, media relations and overall communications projects are planned and executed in the USA. I also look forward to upscaling my cross-cultural, research, and project management skills, and become a well-rounded Communications professional with a robust professional knowledge, experience and skills to share with and help young professionals and entrepreneurs in my home country, grow.

Thank you, Comfort, for sharing your leadership journey with us. We wish you and the rest of Class 49 the best of luck in the program!

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