I had never attended a webinar prior to coming to the United States, and have since participated in five. I have found webinars to be a surprisingly efficient tool.  It really amazes me how technology is making education easier.  The more webinars I attend the more their utility is affirmed.  Webinars are a great way to learn because of the visual and conversational aspects that aid the training sessions.


Of course, making the most of a webinar will depend on the host’s communication skills, the audience’s interest in the subject and their attitude towards that subject. However, in general I find that webinars are a great, cost-effective way to promote learning within an organization.


I will be leading the next webinar on November 16th about volunteer management, and wanted to share the results of my research about webinar design with you.  I am sure you will find all these links more than helpful when preparing you webinars in future: 


How to capture your audience in 30 seconds:


Six mistakes you should never make as a presenter:


Seven thoughts to whip your slides into shape:


For the fearless, new ways of presenting besides Power Point:



Enjoy learning and remember that is not your aptitude but your attitude that gives you altitude!

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