Landing in the U.S. for the first time in my life, it was safe and I relieved after about 20 hour-long flights that I was only able to take many naps. I had a mix of feelings when step on the ground, breath the air, and feel wonders around me. Wow, this is so true. My wish and dream have come true. To me, the U.S. has been a place where I perceived it ways advance in many aspects more than the country called Thailand where I am from. My feeling is overwhelm of inspiration, delightful, excitement and nothing can scare me than my desire to open my childhood soul for learning from new experience, new knowledge, new friends in the new place in the U.S. At the same time, I am eager to share and contribute valuable treasures I brought from and I count very much on my family, friends and colleagues in my old country and the Mekong region where I call it home and while remind of “don’t get shot” here in the U.S.!

It is my new world here in the U.S. through Atlas Corps Fellowship Program. I am proud with this privilege program I am joining. Atlas Corps puts together great effort in creating wonderful opportunity and spelled a true wish for me to serve as Smitu Kothari Fellow at International Accountability Project. In my new world, I feel happy and on the one hand I feel uncomfortable of contradictory reality that I realize I exist in between two very different worlds I would compare it with my country as an example. The worlds that the UN classifies and names it as “Global North” and “Global South” based on socio-economic and political division that exists between the wealthy developed countries, known collectively as “the North” or “Global North,” and the poorer developing countries (least developed countries) [1]. The two worlds as said, to my understanding are which I would simplify it have been categorized particularly based on industrial development mindset that has mainstreamed our globe nowadays. The world that has also been economically divided into the terms called “First World”, “Second World”, and “Third World”. To me it sounds affirming castes and rather racist that troubles with me and challenges me to must do something about it.

What else do these terms above tell me? Well, it tells me that there is only one world called planet earth that we all are living and depending right now and right here, though human are exploring the Moon, Mars and other potential planets to make a new home (when this world is doomed – no need to wait for asteroid or whatsoever hit the earth until then, but human can always make it!). It tells me that there are; inequity, inequality, injustice, unfairness, have been made existed worldwide and that also tells me that it is our all individual duty to realize our ability and responsibility to change it because WE ARE THE WORLD; we can be a proactive part of the solutions in response to many problems that we also caused it in some ways more or less.

I must say that Atlas Corps Fellowship Program is one of the key role players in building the bridge for more than myself to the opportunities of taking action for change within myself/ourselves and outer world from a small scale to the global level on critical issues that impact all human from having decent living with dignity because of unfair, injustice, unfunction social structures surrounding us and led by unaccountable power. I really believe that through Atlas Corps we all fellow have come to help expand a creation of chances that will enable us to making right choice timely for all of us and for our world. I believe we together can create changes that harness fare world for real. I believe together it must be so.


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