IMG_2451My conclusion about the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2015 can be summarized in one word: AWARENESS. However, this awareness must be accompanied by passion and purpose. In that sense we, as a young leaders committed to the promotion of social change, are called to offer our knowledge, ideas, contacts and projects to all those who need it, in places where freedom is restricted, in communities that represent social challenges. This areas are also the birth places of many social leaders, who like us, are full of ideas and are ready to change the world, but need someone to help them build a bridge to cross over. That’s one of the things I learned from one of the organizations in Nexus, which is dedicated to build bridges in developing communities, as a way to link their passion with their purpose,   to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Another presentation that caught my attention was the one by the entrepreneur that leads Chobani, who briefly conclude that “we are one humanity, and we all have responsibilities to promote the social good”. I cannot agree more with this statement, because the Atlas Corps Fellowship allows us to develop skills and capabilities so that when we return to our countries, we can be the ones who lead the change that our society needs.

A third presentation delivered by Elliot Kotek from Not Impossible, really made me think about the power of the collaborative innovation. Basically, his organization seeks innovative solutions for the development problems, they inspire the right person to create and make that solution available for everyone. Under this approach, the constantly promote accessible technology to solve issues in the areas of health, mobility, and communication.


Finally, one of my favorite speakers was Deepak Chopra, who gave a speech about the importance of be aware of ourselves, our environments, relationships and purpose in this world. During his talk, he focused on the different types of brain connections that allows us to respond to the challenges of life in an aggressive, emotional, manipulative or creative way. In this sense, we need to find a balance between this responses to be exceptional social leaders.

And you… What are aware of today?

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