Dance is a way to move forward

(Clementina Vargas, Founder Vive Bailando)

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,

move with it, and join the dance.

Alan Watts.

The Atlas Corps Fellows, who are the change-makers from Australia, Jamaica, Palestine, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan, Columbia, Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Zambia “joined the NEXUS dance” in July 2015.

This Summit had taken place in New York City made me realize that the world and people by whom you are surrounded always take your back, even when you least expect it. NEXUS became a dance for me. It is like when you start to dance, you do not know the first step, but you just close your eyes, go ahead and move.

It does not matter how you move, what matters is that you continue to move according to the rhythm. I remember we took part in the panel session led by Clementina Vargas, who established the non-profit “Vive Bailando” in Columbia to teach dancing to young people from underprivileged groups. Through dancing, they could express themselves, spread the energy of peace, and learn life skills from each other without speaking any words.

During the Atlas Corps Fellowship, besides participating in the official conferences, forums, we speak without words and use dance to understand traditions, values, and learn how to adjust to the different cultures,

In the end, during the boat cruise along the Hudson River, the Atlas Corps Fellows inspired the people at Summit to make that first step and start to dance. “Dancing with NEXUS” symbolized the unity of global leaders who are ready to make a positive change in the world.

Of course, the NEXUS SUMMIT became an important landmark in my development as a professional. Serving as the NEXUS Ambassador during the break-out sessions encouraged me to share, learn, teach, and interact with the most outstanding nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists from all over the world. Participating in the NEXUS Forum gave me clear understanding of what I will do next, and how to combine my academic research in international humanitarian affairs and professional experience in youth development.

Now, I am on my way to complete my Atlas Corps Fellowship, but I am ready and excited for my next steps. It is like I finished doing one dance, ballet, and I am ready to learn the other one: tango.



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