10445917_10102525110704754_6923577515057870475_nEarlier this year Colombian soccer fans received some devastating news, “El Tigre” Falcao, our key man would not be playing in Brazil 2014 after failing to recover from a serious knee injury, but in truth, 47 millions Colombians felt we had already won making our way to Brazil after sixteen years of absence from the World Cup.

Then came the goals, (11 goals in 4 games) and as we joined each dancing celebration on the field we became a team that no longer needed one key man because we had 11 men on the field plus 47 million team players at home.

Soccer has proven to be a healing tool for a country divided by decades of conflict; in Colombia´s case it might have given the extra push for a presidential election in favor of a negotiated peace process with FARC.

Today, and hopefully long after Brazil 2014, we are a nation that believes in itself and recognizes that we are all responsible for its construction and success. So, caudillos and key players aside, and no matter what the result is in tomorrow´s match, we have already won.


–          MVD

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