Life is a constant wandering.

We travel to explore. We reach distant places to see the beauty of nature and experience the diversity of cultures that the world has to offer. We wander to learn!

Is it a great to thing to celebrate the fullness of life that it has offered us? A grateful moment to thank the Divine Providence with such gift that s/he bestowed upon us? A humbling declaration then  that life is meaningful because of all these blessings?

While wandering around the globe, I just cannot sit at a corner and just allow myself to be an observant of the whole process of growing, learning, and celebrating the greatness of life! Instead, I decided to be part of the whole universe! I want to be one of those stars that is able to shine with the other stars! I want to take charge! I want to be part of the whole transformation!

Indeed, transforming is about changing from good to better! Changing from failure to wholeness! Changing from apathy to empowered participation! Changing from ruthless to compassion! Changing from mere facts to wisdom!

As time passes, I continue to wander to explore, get excited, learn and look for the genuine meaning of life. What about you, when will be time that you to start to open, wander and explore the real meaning that life has to offer?

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