Last Saturday, October 28, I volunteered at Human Right Campaign National Dinner at Washington Convention Center. It was an quite amazing opportunity for me to explore the American culture with a different perspective.

Before applying for volunteering, my actual purpose for this is having free dinner. That was it. I know it is very silly, but as saving the limited stipend….and also I wanted to contribute my time for others at the same time. I did not know about the organization well. I know it is located in a very close distance from my host organization, see the building as I pass by everyday and two fellows are serving there.

However, before volunteering, I searched the information about Human Right Campaign. I was quite surprised and impressed with what they have been doing so far.
They have been very influential for American society, especially for LGBT right.
As coming from a conservative cultural background, I was very amazed how they handle this issue in the states, especially here in DC.
After finding out how they have been advocating for human right, I became very excited to participate as one of the people in that big conference hall.

I received the e-mail from Rasal who coordinated the volunteering schedule for Atlas Corps fellows that Hilary Clinton is coming!!!!!!!! I was very very excited. I thought..I am very lucky. Since I saw my role model last month in DC, here’s another opportunity to see one of the most influential female leader in the world.

On Saturday, I have met various people as donors there. It was interesting to see that many big donors. It was interesting to interact with these people who I have never met before. There were many people from well known companies such as Amazon, Google, Lexus, Wells Fargo and etc. Lastly, I finally saw Hilary Clinton’s speech. Her speech was very powerful.

“Gay rights are human right, human rights are gay rights”

It was interesting to see how she emphasized the phrase. It was quite an impact.

I do appreciate Atlas Corps and Human Right Campaign to give me this opportunity to see the influential females leaders.

From now on, what are the next experiences will I have??????? Stay tuned!

Hilary Clinton- Giving a speech

with my fellow friends:D

look at the crowds!

Yay proud fellows!


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