On October 19, I had a great opportunity to volunteer @ Food & Friends.

This is the description of the volunteering @ Food & Friends by Cal:
Atlas Corps helps facilitate a twice-monthly community service project with a local NGO called Food & Friends. Food & Friends provides healthy, nutritious meals to people in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area who are suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer, HIV, diabetes, etc. Every second and third Thursday of the month, a group of Fellows and staff members get together to help package food for this organization.

It is located on Fort Totten. Once we arrived the metro, Food & Friends shuttle came and picked us up.
Although I was little tired after work, I was quite excited to be part of the volunteers and here’s the picture of us! Moreover, it was fun to volunteer with this crew!
Everyone worked really hard and I was motivated to complete the tasks well.
We finished about 7:15pm. After the volunteering, we fortunately received the free cakes! Yay! I felt great after volunteering because my work for this evening actually helps the people who need help. If I have a chance to do it again later, I would love to try again.

Not only serving at your host organization, but also you can devote your heart for the people who are suffering from chronic illnesses like cancer, HIV, diabetes, etc!

Join them and your fellow Fellows for an evening of volunteering and fun!


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