Technology has played an important role in different issues facing humanity today. Technology has both negative and positive impact to it, however over the year’s technology has evolved for the better. With technology there is always room for improvement, today this could be the in thing tomorrow its not. This is in contrary to climate change. Over the year’s climate change has worsened in the hands of human activities, the impact has increased over time. This has scientists finding ways to mitigate it. Such a case is the use of technologies developed to adapt to climate issues. Scientific advances improve technological innovation for climate change mitigation

Climate change activists on the other hand have been in the fore front to increase awareness regarding climate change and advocating for better policies that will protect the environments now and for generations to come. 

Tech companies such as Facebook and Microsoft have invested lots of funds towards next-generation solutions to tackle climate change, we are yet to see the impact this will have in the society. Google and Microsoft are working in partnership with oil companies to develop AI tools to help maximize oil recovery. It is said AI alone has the potential to slash greenhouse gas emissions by four percent in the year 2030.

We have seen efforts made to develop cars that use electric and solar energy, this is to reduce carbon emissions.

Use of social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook snapchat, and WhatsApp is key in raising awareness on effects of climate change which in turns is geared towards behavioral change in the society. Social media has access to billions of people, most people tend to get information from social media. Nowadays we have what we call viral news, we can use these platforms to help educate on the importance of protecting our planet.

It may take more than tech to solve climate change crisis, but I believe it plays a major role towards solving the crisis. Perhaps use tech to help change societal behavior towards climate change, without drastic action now, climate chaos threatens to destroy us all.