• For skype meeting, there is always an echo in meeting room. Why?
  • For conference, there is some issue in sound system. People at end can’t hear it and sound system is working fine. There is some issue in this room.
  • Door of the conference room is noisy as someone goes out the whole crowd would disturb or unintentionally looked back.
  • Arrange working coffee and attendants are coming/going and everyone trying to focus on discussion.
  • It is so cold in room but we have central cooling system and this temperature is practical for whole building.


Architects and interior designers are designing spaces with modern technical facilities and different sizes as per need of the end user. Did architect and interior designers ever think about User experience while designing these spaces? User experience does not only involve the technical facilities and AC/heating facility. User experience would involve enriching the End User experience instead of providing modern facilities.

What User Experience is?

User experience (UX) is often used terminology in web and app development. Broadly User experience comprises all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, product, its service. This process begins with the first interaction of customer with product/ services. Enhanced and enriched user experience lead toward customer retention and loyalty.  Being end user of many products and services, I would say that the amazing experience with any product/ service automatically build positive perception.