(For a better experience, read while listening to Leo Rojas’s “Chaski”. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaWGhXAzGB0)

[Spring, shoot]

Glasses clinked, lips broke into smiles, the air was awash with merriment. The cries of the new baby only added to the cheer. He, the baby, was going to be the pride of his folks. He’d do great things, become one of the greats of his time. So, there was a reason to be happy.

The child was brought into the midst of the small gathering. The elders said prayers, blessings were uttered for the young shoot who looked on though he saw nothing. Peace was written all over its small face.

[Summer, shine]

He grew up like most other kids, nothing extraordinary about him. Still, every so often he was reminded of his special role in history, and he bore it in mind. His teen and adolescent years were filled with fun and adventure, typical of many of his friends.

Sometimes he wondered who he was supposed to be. “You’ll know when that time comes, follow your heart”, was always the reply.

[Autumn, falls]

Then he did meth and caught a glimpse of his “greatness”. And friends became “enemies”, loved ones, the “haters”. Syringes, break-ins, dirty money, police, the law, and jail. He contracted an infection while behind bars.

[Winter, cold]

He lay dying on a bed, awake at last, realizing with clarity that he wasn’t going to be any of the persons he was “blessed” to be. Life had been a sham; his folks had “fooled” him. Or did they say those words to push him towards greatness? Was there no destiny, and so was he supposed to make his “greatness” happen? He wasn’t sure.

His heart soon stopped beating and his body became cold.

(The four seasons version of this narrative is available at: Once Upon a Month – Seasons)

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