I will never stop wondering how big the world is. 

I grew up in a small country on a Black Sea, and have never saw any other place except home till I was 17 years old. 

Then I got scholarship and moved to another country, then again, and again, and again. For the past decade I saw such a big piece of this planet (not all of it of course, but I am slowly aiming there) that is  hard even to believe in to a girl from a small town in the place no one know name of. 

I spent days in the wild Russian forests, climbed high and frozen mountains in Switzerland, walked miles in Tuscany landscapes, swam that breathtaking gorgeously sky-blue Caribbean ocean, and drove through moon alike desserts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah. 

The last one I am actually doing right now. 

It is 6 PM by local time and sun is still burning skin on my right hand through the front glass – sun in Arizona never sleeps, and even in night heat does not allow you to breath freely. 

Driving through this moon alike scenery with never ending yellow grass, apocalyptical deserted houses, rusty billboards, decrepit carts and cars from the past centuries, red, like from the movies about cowboys, cactuses, and neglected parking lots. 

…And as you observe same landscapes for long hours, nolensvolens you start painfully questioning if your existence on this planet even make any pitiful sense as all this existed for hundreds of years before you will probably will exist hundreds of years after. But this is just a philosophical deviation which does not worth consumed ‘paper’. 

Our car is somewhat close the final destination – to the great Grand Canyon, and I guest there is nothing to write more about.