United Nations according to its founding document has been formed to establish peace after league of nation failed to do so and resulted what was known as world warIIHere. One of the important challenges that facing us is fact that the founding fathers of this intergovernmental organization which we call today (security council members) are the top arms producers, no doubt that has big impact on the world we live in today. Sales of weapons and military services by the world’s biggest arms companies have continued to rise during the downturn and now exceed $400bn (£250bn), Though the increase has slowed, just 1% year-on-year in 2010, the rise in sales has been 60% in real terms since 2002, figures released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute showed. The total sales, including military services, of the top 100 arms companies, reached $ 411.1bn (£257.6bn) in 2010 Here. It’s clear to me that we live in a world economy that depends on warfare.


Reading through international military top selling companies what struck me to know number one client in the weapons is Saudi Arabia alongside with United Arab Emirate (30% of the world arms purchased worth $96billon)Here these two countries now are the loader voice in united nation calling for disarmament and Iran nuclear weapons with Israel. This is what made many people to believe on United Nations abolishment recall for new international system that serve all nations internet and maintain world peace not to become platform where few nations veto power to serve their national and geopolitical interests.

The 10 arms producers

United Nations Security Council has been created to have the power and authority necessary to maintain international peace and security, the burden is no longer can be bear by 5 countries, no after 22 peace resolutions, plus tons of condemnations, it becomes created by states to serve states and limited by state cooperation.

It’s one of the big moral issue for our time is to bring down armaments trade, Sierra Leone does produce diamond they don’t have arms industry, the continuation of recycling goods, oil …etc. with this warfare materials, and I don’t think the idea of good plus bad I found nobody put it better than Chris Hedges American journalist best-selling author of (War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning 2002).Here

As somebody who believe there is no reason for such race, according to Center of Diseases Control CDC statistics every year 160,000 people die because of Alcohol excessive drinking US and Europe 50% of them because car crash, if you count that in the last 30 years 17, 28 million people died which double the number of Military deaths in world warII 8millionHere yet we are not at war with that. I’m bringing that up because if we are looking for secure place for us live , and for those of us who believe and want to rise up children we have to understand what kind of intergovernmental organization that can really take what are facing today seriously, morally and all nations not just 1 or 10 nations interest.

I truly believe those people who manage to develop or draft the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through largest consultation programme in its history to gauge opinion on what the SDGs should include.These people manage finally to bring up this issue of promoting peace and inclusive societies for sustainable development the critical thing that we can do is to bring down the military spending all nations to equal the UN annual budget (Currently, world military spending is estimated to be at least 15 times of the UN annual budget). This could be the first step toward rectification of one biggest achievement of the human being in the last 100 years to bring all the nations around the world together because abolishment is not an option for someone who believe in hope.

“I can’t determine the condition that I born in but determine the condition that I want to live in”  Tarig

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