Waterborne illnesses kill nearly 4,000 children under the age of five every day.

Yesterday, the US Fund for UNICEF launched the UNICEF Tap Project 2013. We are turning the world’s largest social network into a water network.

Did you know that for every US 5 dollars you donate, a child can have access to safe, clean water for 200 days?

$5 = safe and clean water for 200 days!!!

It is very easy to participate.

All you have to do to “Open your Tap” is:

1) Log on: www.tapproject.org/ through your Facebook page.

2) Get the app by donating $5 bucks (txt message or pay pal).

3) Select two friends and… open you Tap!


After that, you can forward the request to more friends, and follow on your progress and the progress of your network.

I have just opened my tap and sent Facebook requests to some of you. So far, this is what my network looks like:


For more information, please watch this very cool video.

Open your Taps! join UNICEF in providing clean water to children all over the world!

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