By Machien Luoi
Last week on October 22, I attended the Two Sudans Program event under the theme “Crisis in Sudan.” The event was organized by Columbia’s Institute on Human Rights which has a Two Sudans Peace Building program. The event’s guest speaker was Mr. Mukesh Kapila, a former Senior Bristish Government official who was appointed to head the UN Africa Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). At the time of his appointment between 2003 and 2005 ethnic cleansing of the native Darfur African tribes was going on with Sudanese Government backing. Armed Janjaweed Arab militia executed ethnic cleansing plans of the government on Fur people of Darfur.
When Dr. Mukesh was assigned to preside over UNAMID affairs, he spoke against the activities of the government and condemned the acts when neither the UN nor other governments could at that point. Dr. Mukesh took it upon himself to educate the world about the situation in Darfur, even putting online his own job which he left after death threats from Sudanese governments and uneasiness from UN body on his take of the whole situation. He believed UN as the highest organ should have accepted the responsibility to stop genocide instead of “contracting the Darfur responsibility to African AU.” So far he has written a book called, “Against the Tide of Evil” about his experiences in Darfur, the genocide which occurred and his campaigns to open the eyes of the world to the situation in Darfur.
At the event, Dr. Mukesh was speaking about his book and current status of wars in Sudan, the suffering of the Darfur, the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains regions of Sudan. In the gathering which was attended by many Sudanese and South Sudanese including the South Sudan’s Ambassador to UN Dr. Francis M. Deng, Dr. Mukesh condemned UN and blamed the world’s body for letting genocide occurred and not holding the Sudanese President accountable for the atrocities. He said he did not understand why UN and other world bodies continue to work with Sudanese President who has been “indicted by International Criminal Court (ICC) and who deserve no recognition because it has lost legitimacy.” Any agreements or peace initiatives that have no “justice and accountability” elements are not worth going into with Sudanese regime in Khartom, Dr. Mukesh insisted.
In conclusion, Dr. Mukesh believed solution to the Sudanese issues with Government in Khartoum need Sudanese people to up-rise and overthrow Bashir’s government. Any support to the Sudanese people to get rid of their illegitimate government will save lives of those suffering from the repressive regime.
Overall, the event was good and since it was about Dr. Mukesh’s work and experience in Sudan, there were not many speakers. It was Q&A event. However, UN complacence allowed for mass killings and even recently the Sudanese civilians were killed in national capital protesting, why has UN been quiet?

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