It still seems unreal and at times overwhelming to accept the fact that we have started this fellowship journey in the US. This blog covers an overview of my remote service with my host organization and how I have managed to pace myself with the team.

The Asanas of Project Management

I have developed extensive skillsets in using project management software as it was a requirement being a Project Manager for the most part of my previous experience. However, tools and their frameworks keep on evolving and updating. Here I am using Asana – yet another platform for managing and coordinating tasks, resources, schedule and to some extent the budget for the portfolio of interesting development projects. The project management are set of core skills and tools to integration a plethora of interdependent project aspects whether it is to do with risk, communication, quality, or the scope of the project. Learning curves depend on the flexibility the tools provides and how well it allows the project management teams to collaborate with other departments.

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The Confluence of Knowledge Management

The social development sector keeps on evolving at a very dynamic rate, millions of research articles and thousands of publications become available every single day. It becomes a challenge for organizations working with the public and private sector to demarcate what to and what not to add to their knowledge management repositories. I have implemented an automates system of extracting the information and knowledge from online resources and adding them to a platform known as Confluence. It allows easy access and up-to-date information from the source website. It is also linked directly to the original source for validation purposes. This tool also allows to develop workspaces and segregate the knowledge into focus areas such as education, climate, healthcare, and so on.

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The Right Tools and Platforms!

At the end of the day, it is always about using the right tools and platforms for managing projects and knowledge base for the projects. This may seem inadequate with respect to the actual deliverables and the value associated with, but it helps to streamline the deliverables and in efficient project delivery as a whole.

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