Sports have been a part of almost all cultures for centuries.  They can bring about a sense of unity, provide us with hours (or in the case of the olympics, days) of entertainment, and they can even be a source of conflict.  Passionate discussion over sports occurs everyday, with fans defending and supporting their teams with a loyalty that can’t be beat.  Fans will travel across countries and oceans just to see their team play.  They will wait for hours in nearly unbearable weather to get into a game or to buy a ticket.  They buy their favorite player’s jersey and paint themselves in team colors.  Sports can make people do crazy things.  For me, there is only one sport that can elicit this passion.  Soccer.  The sport has fans all over the world who are, arguably, the most loyal and passionate in the world.  Their passion is such that it is almost unhealthy, and many riots have erupted over games between rivals.  In some cities one is not allowed to wear the jersey of a rival team in bars for fear of public safety.  I like to think that I share these fans’ intense passion.  I have played soccer since I was too young to remember and have been heavily influenced by my father who grew up in England playing soccer.  To me, soccer is not just a game, it is an art.  There are few things greater in this world than a perfectly picked pass, or a beautifully timed slide tackle, or the sweet sound of the ball hitting the back of the net.


Tunisia in the World Cup: Russia2018:

Some football fans from the North African countries have spent their life savings to follow their national teams.

After missing out on World Cups in 2010 and 2014, Tunisia will participate in the tournament for the fifth time in the country’s history, playing in group G with England, Belgium and Panama.


In Tunis, a little more than 3,000 kilometres from Moscow as the crow flies, where the players of the Tunisian national team will be lodged, their supporters are preparing, each in their own way, to follow the matches.

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