Tunisia celebrates its Independence Day annually on March 20. This holiday celebrates the anniversary of independence from France in 1956.

Tunisia has been under French protectorate for almost a century. The country declared itself a bankrupt in 1869 and the international financial commission took control over its economy. In 1881 France invaded Tunisia with an army of about 36,000 soldiers and forced the bey Muhammed as-Sadiq to accept its terms. The French military occupation was established in Tunisia.

During the French protectorate of Tunisia European settlements in the country were encouraged, that led to an active enlargement of French and Italian colonists.

Tunisia gained independence on March 20, 1956, after long negotiations between French and Tunisian authorities. The state was headed by Habib Bourguiba, the major figure in the fight for independence. His presidency lasted from 1957 to 1987. The Constitutional Democratic Rally, created by Habib Bourguiba controlled the country till Tunisian revolution in 2011.




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