I’m recently having the most difficult time in my life. Sadly, I have to move away from my lover and friends in a month and will be heading to a new country to study alone. Fortunately I’ve learned from my mom how to encourage myself to keep moving forward and achieve something I want without hesitation. When I was a little girl my mom always told me “Julie, don’t be scared of new challenges. Think of something you’d like to accomplish and make a plan for doing it! You’re a very special girl. Everything will work out for the best!”

Now I realize those words of encouragement from my mom helped to build my self-esteem. Self-esteem is made up of the thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves. It means self-esteem isn’t fixed. Of course, it can change, depending on the way we think. Sometimes, people don’t even realize they’re thinking so negatively about themselves and over time, these habits of negative thinking can lower our self-esteem. But once we become aware of this negative thought pattern, we can begin the process of changing the way we think. And changing the way we think will ultimately change the way we feel. Today, let’s think about what we’d like to accomplish. Then we can make a plan for how to do it, and stick with our plan, and keep track of our progress. Remember! We should train our inner voice to remind ourselves of what we are accomplishing.

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