Hello from Durban, South Africa!

I am joining a GlobalGiving’s field traveler who actually travels throughout Southern Africa for 6 months. That is GlobalGiving’s In-the-Field program, which aims to conduct site visits for our partner organizations and workshops for potential new partners, which I manage from the DC office. I am privileged travel with her to experience the field for a while, as well as hopefully providing some support to her work.

This is first time for me to travel in Southern Africa, but the introduction relatively came easy because everyone speaks English. Durban is a lovely, beautiful city. It is hilly, and gentle breeze goes throughout the town. Once I come near the beach, the atmosphere becomes thick with salty air and heat. I like the smell of the city very much especially when I’m inland.

We just hosted a workshop this morning introducing the concept of online fundraising and GlobalGiving. We had a small yet engaging group for joining GlobalGiving. We often tell non-profit leaders that the money will not fall down upon them just because they are on GlobalGiving’s site. Non-profit organizations still have to make efforts and work towards fundraising online. GG’s tools and offerings are rewarding especially to those learning organizations. A group we had today seemed to understand how GG worked and excited! It is very rewarding for me, managing this program all day from the DC office not seeing these exciting people and genuinely care their community and people.

Well, this is how I hit the ground running!

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