My Fellow poet and buddy.
The spirits of yore have spoken.
Words of beckoning,
calling you to the portal,
portal of peace, glory,
Silence is rife,
here in earths live,
yet heavenly choir sings
diffusing our sighs, tears
Gone forever you may be,
In our minds we may think,
Yet to HIM, the Omniscient,
You are just around the corner,
Slipping over to the next form,
Form of infinity,

Rico remember them days,
Days of DOS, utumishi,
Post Accounts, clandestine address,
Windmills of God,
Doomsday conspiracy,
The other side of Midnight,
Coded missives!!!
Finally your signature!!!

Kavita these days bet you remember,
Endless HAKI YA NGAI!!!
Veritable Sunday outings,
Visiting your relatives
Bouncing into us,
In a room,
In that land, near the lake
The niche of introspection

May your spirits hover,
over our spirits ever,
Never forsaking as ever,
Rule over nirvana ever,
Fare thee well
Timelessness sojourn.

Yours Sincerely

Eric  “ Fresh”

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