Kiden Gladys Robert
Class # 34, 03/01/2019
Can tribal Dynamics be Harmonized especially in Africa?

In the colonial era, The Western countries used missionaries and divide-and-rule tactics to spread colonization. The first approach was embodied in the spread of the gospel to Pave a way for the colonial agents to penetrate the traditional existing structures while the later equipped communities perceived to be more powerful and better organized with not only administrative privileges but also developmental privileges, which segmented the colonized societies into the ruling class, creating a segment of classes or nationalities.

In the divide-and-rule era, most African countries were no exception. Recent history indicates that most of the African countries comprised tribes that present a need for a responsive, empowering and inclusive participation in politics, policies and the economy. Lived experience shows, in states comprised more than one tribes, disputes among tribes/ethnic lines are eminent; and this has often brought along undesirable scenarios such as genocides, secession, or fragility and It also means modeling the different tribes into one nationality by developing sustainable political infrastructure that promotes inclusive participation and democratic governance, by strengthening the civil society that is representative of the different tribes and responsive to the interests of the society, strengthening dispute resolution mechanisms based on existing and potential disputes amongst the population, and by fostering inclusive social and economic development. For it is in these platforms that the around tribes may find themselves united towards a stable future hence creating an acceptable national identity.

Furthermore, there is likely potential for strong youth development through the coordinated and strengthened platforms that connect and promote common social development and transformation. Friendly business, seminars, conferences exchange and philanthropic programs, regional employment opportunities and peer group networking are not only important but should be established to yield a generation that is grounded on social development rather than class and status.