Travelling to Pakistan can be frustrating, enlightening, life changing and often surprising (because we are not what media portrays Us). I am Mahak class 31 from Pakistan writing this blurb to give you an insight of what we “Pakistanis” really are.  If you are up for some real adventure, great food and landscapes – it is high time for you to travel to Pakistan! My reasons to convince you why you should pack your bags and travel to Pakistan.

  1. People are warm and welcoming: We Pakistanis are without a doubt, the most hospitable, kind and welcoming people that you can ever encounter. From the bustling Lahori streets to the quaint mountain towns of Gilgit Baltistan. Pakistanis will never let you pay for food, wholeheartedly welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner at their place. We consider it dishonor if we let our guest pay.
  2. Travelling and food is cheap: Every travel blogger woo about the food from Karahi, Kebabs, Fish, Haleem, Nehari, Payee, Biryani (who can ever forget about it), Jalebi, Rus Malai, Gulab Jamun and so much more (my mouth’s watering as well). Pakistan is one of the cheapest country  when it comes to street food. It’s possible to visit Pakistan on a budget of around $60 a week, this will cover food, accommodation, transport and plenty of awesome activities.
  3. Multi-Cultural Environment: Pakistan is often depicted in the media lacking religious intolerance. You can find Muslims, Christians and Hindus living side by side in many of the cities, many tribal groups are still living, largely undisturbed, within the more remote parts of the country. In Chitral, you can visit the Kalash tribe, a very distinct tribe of Dardic indigenous people, once thought to be descended from soldier’s of Alexander The Great’s army, deserters who had disappeared into the hills and now live in legend. The Kalash people practice their own religious beliefs and are very fond of colorful festivals.
  4. Get lost in the mountains of Pakistan, just not literally – as you shall die. We have some of the world’s best trekking sites YES BETTER THAN NEPAL! (many travel blogger said that). There are hundreds of truly stunning treks from day treks to multi-week expeditions and even the laziest of backpackers will have the chance to see some truly stunning terrain. I personally went on a few stunning treks myself and the best of which was a hike to the legendary Fairy Meadows where I spent four days soaking in the incredible views of Nanga Parbat.

Please don’t forget to watch the video by Mark Wiens, he visited Pakistan for 16 days and  the video explains his journey from Lahore (city of gardens) to Khunjerab Pass (elevation 4,880 metres or 16,010 feet, one of  highest mountain passes in the Karakoram mountains – north of Pakistan and we share one of our boarders with China) all the way to Karachi (the city of lights). In a nutshell, Pakistan is a playground for adventure lovers. A country which truly has everything; beautiful people, stunning landscapes, incredible treks, untapped white water rafting, undiscovered adventures, colorful festivals, TASTY FOOD and just enough thrills to keep you on your toes. A trip to Pakistan is not your standard adventure, this is your chance to really connect with locals and to see a country which really, nobody knows much about.

P.S: Know one thing, you have a home in Pakistan. I will be there to host you and show you what no media shows you about Pakistan :).