Do you love traveling? Are you dreaming about seeing the world?! Not only that, but also enjoying the experience and living the most beautiful days of your life? Take a lot of photos and have sweet memories? The most important thing to do is to adequately plan for it to enjoy more. I will share with you some useful tips you need to have a great and unforgettable travel experience.


Before you embark on a trip, it is important that you research. Research helps with proper planning. By research, you will put in consideration pre-travel, travel and post travel plans. Every single detail required to make your trip worthwhile has to be considered. You have to research about your travel destinations, the countries you are interested in, their cultures, weather, food, tourist attractions, hangout spots, hotels, motels, hostels, the currencies they use, etc. This will help you know the number of days to spend, what clothes or items to pack, what to expect, what simple languages to learn, and so on. Research helps you make informed decisions. As a person who is passionate about traveling, my goal is to travel round the world to see new places, get to know new cultures and learning new languages. I have made my research about countries and beautiful places to visit, and I’m preparing to start my journey soon.  


Now guys how much do you set aside for each trip? What is your budget? It is necessary to make your balance sheet correct or approximate, so you will be well prepared for your trip. The budget will vary from someone to another, from country to country, according to your choices. You can have one of two options, either you choose your destination based on your budget or save your money according to specific place.

Choosing your destination is very important and the time frame you are traveling within. If you want to know about the most beautiful and cheapest places, you can simply ask your friends and acquaintances who have the experience of traveling before you. You can also check the famous websites in which people show their experiences and rate places and hotels, it can really help you make your decision.

Book your flight

After you’ve made your budget and chosen your destination/places you are now ready to book your flights. One of the basic things you need to keep in mind is that you need to look for the cheapest airlines. Bear in mind that the earlier you book your flights, the cheapest it will get. After arriving to the first destination, many people prefer to continue traveling by road through buses and trains to get to their next travel destination. This way, they enjoy the journey and make the most out of the experience. If you need more than one flight, it is better to book them all together. But also know that it will restrict your movement and keep you in a good shape based on you time schedule. On the other hand, if you don’t book your flights all at once, it will give you the flexibility to stay more and enjoy some of the places that you might discover and love. During this process you need to also be mindful of your visa status. In general, it won’t be a problem, especially with the tourist visa. This is why adequate research is needed to enable you check all the places you want to visit.


Housing may be consider one of the most costly things in traveling, but you can manage to reduce the cost by going for motels rather than expensive hotels. There are very cheap motels with great services around, but you need to do your homework, search for them carefully and see the reviews that have been made by people. Staying in local housing and motels can be very cost effective and also nice. You will discover the culture of that place, as well as give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends who can become your friends forever. Here are some good websites you can look up for motels and hostels- “”. Of course, as a part of your experience you need to try the local food for the place you are visiting, so you will feel the joy of traveling, and in most cases, it will be delusions and cheaper.

Packing your bags

After you are done with your destinations and tickets, you are now ready to pack your bags. My golden tip for this is that you travel light. Pack the smallest bag you have, one that will contain all your basic items. You need a bag that will not inconvenience you while traveling. In this trip, you want to enjoy your time and have fun, so you don’t need to have a lot of stuff that would require you keep an eye on them. And if you need anything you can buy it from where you are.

Be in control of your phone

Phones can waste your time and prevent you from enjoying the trip, but you will need them to know locations and other stuff, so keep them with you but only for emergencies and photography. Do not allow your phone to be in control of you. Stay away from social media as much as you can. It can be very distracting at times like this. You should also stay away from your emails. You don’t want office emails coming in. You may be forced to work while on your trip. So setting up an out of office email will do you a whole lot of good.

Do not carry too much cash

Many people are concerned about how much cash they should take with them. Most of the countries you will be visiting will have ATMs. So, you can check with your bank so see if your credit card or visa card can be used in those countries. Another way to have money is to find friends you may know in the country you are visiting who have relatives in your country they want to send money to, so you can leave them with money and take it back from your friends when you get to your destination. Another way to have money without taking cash is to connect with people in the country you will be visiting and see if they need anything that you can buy for them from your country, so they can refund when you see them. That way you won’t have to travel with much cash with you which is good for your safety. But make sure the items are not too big for your bag.

Life and Health Insurance

If you are married and have a family, it is important for you to have life and health insurance. But most importantly, you need to be careful and try not to do crazy stuff that can put your lives at risk. If you already have work insurance, you may ask if they have a travel insurance service. One of the good life insurance websites is “World Nomads”.

Lone or Group Travelers

Based on my observation some people love to travel alone and that is beautiful, because it gives you the opportunity to meet and know new people. It also gives you the chance to discover yourself, to see how you can handle challenges in new places by yourself. It will open your eyes for life and will change your perspective toward things.

Other people love to travel with their friends or families, and of course this has its advantages too. Because people feel a sense of comfort and safety more when they travel in groups. To whom you choose to have companies; you need to understand that it will be a long journey and you may start knowing new things about your friends that you didn’t know before. You may agree and disagree on a lot of things and may make some wrong decisions during the trip, so you need to make sure that they are the right people to travel with.

Finally, traveling around the world will give you one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have in life. It will open doors for you and will take you to places you didn’t even imagine that exist. You will eat a magnificent fruit in Malaysia, and the most delicious meat in Argentina. You will climb the mountains in New Zealand and the ride waves in Costa Rica. And the most incredible experience will be meeting new people who would bring their own uniqueness add colour to your world.