Traveling doesn’t have to be a burden on your bank statement if you have the right plan and mindset for it! As fellows being based in different cities in the United States, we do have the opportunity to travel and explore so many cities and exciting places. But also, we can do it without digging deep into our pockets.

Here, I am sharing few tips about traveling on a very short budget:

1- Travel with your fellow fellows: 

Travelling in a group is not just more fun but more affordable. As a group you will get to share the cost for accommodation, food and transportation (maybe car rent if one of you has a driving license). But make sure you all share the same interests and want to do the same things. It would be hard to accommodate for example if some of you are interested in outdoor activities and the other ones are into indoor activities.

2- Plan in advance: 

Do not trust those who say that traveling is expensive and plane tickets are unaffordable. If you try to book tickets at least two months prior to your travel, the prices would be much more affordable and stipend friendly. Prices do get up when the time gets closer to your trip. So make sure you plan everything in advance and book your flight and accommodation way earlier.   

2- Grocery stores for food

We all like going to restaurants and exploring new types of food but none of us likes running out of money on a trip. My tip for you would be to use grocery stores for food shopping. You would find a wide range of salads, sandwiches, snacks, chocolates… etc. Everything is available with a more reasonable price and it could also be healthier for you to eat a salad and stay light and energized AND stipend friendlier.

4- Weekdays booking is cheaper (Mostly Tuesdays and Wednesdays!) 

Usually, the cheapest days to travel either by bus or plane are Tuesdays and Wednesdays (mostly at night). The most expensive times are Sundays and Saturdays. So, try to check different airlines on a weekly basis to find the most affordable and suitable flights for your budget on weekdays rather than weekends. 

5- Go where you know people 

As fellows, we are based almost everywhere in the United States, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, New York… etc. It is a great opportunity to host each other and pay visits. OR simply, share some tips and suggestions related to the place you are planning to visit. 

6- Travel light

No need for 5 shoes, 10 outfits and different products that fit into a huge suitcase. One backpack with very few clothing items that is more than enough along with few travel size products. You are traveling to have fun and explore. You do not need a lot of luggage for that.

Work hard and make memories planning exciting trips with amazing fellow fellows! 🙂