Feb. 19th was the lunar new year of 2015. I got a red envelope from my host organization. Instead of lucky money in the red envelope, I got five candies, my favorite when I was a kid, sweetened my day.

I also watched a parade in Chinatown with other fellows. Instead of Chinese people, most performers and participants were from Taiwan. It is not easy to see such big dragon and dances in China now, which was my big expectation for lunar New Year when I was young, and I never expected that I could see it out of China when China doesn’t have it any more.

It is a pity to see traditions disappear within the country, and it is interesting to see they were kept out of the country. In the current globalized world, things are getting generalized and unique cultures, traditions, and heritages are slowly vanished. That is not what I want to see. I hope everything/people could keep the specialties, cherish them, conserve them, and don’t let them go.

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