1- How to spot a toxic person
Conversational narcissist: those people who love and love to talk about themselves, take up all the space in the room and expand to overpower everything, these people have no interest, consideration, empathy or curiosity for you, your emotions, ideas, concerns.
The control freak: those people who like to control and direct everything and everyone around them, they won’t stop trying to convince you to agree with them.
Drama queen: those victims who bleed you dry and they are only interested in your sympathy but never your advices.
Emotional magnets: these sad, negative, pessimist people that tend to bring everyone down.
The judgmental Shrek: these green monsters who are jealous and full of hatred and disdain towards everyone.
Liars: simply stay away from them, trust is cannot be compromised.
I’m always right: your ideas matter! And you are not a challenge they always try to win over.

2- How to disarm toxic people
Breathe, take some deep breaths before you respond to a negative, hostile comment, the more you breathe the more present you are.
Set your boundary, say no and stand up for yourself and enforce the boundary.
Observe, watch from a distance, separate yourself from yourself to decentralize the abuse and detach yourself from that situation to gain more power for the response.
– Focus your attention and redirect it away from where the abuser wants you to focus on, cancel their control over you.
– Phrasing, diffuse the attack coming your way by phrasing your responses.

3- Beware:
– Never give any emotional reaction
– Process the emotions and get them out of your system
– Redirect any attack and deflect it

If you have someone like this in your life, watch out and run away, you deserve to have healthy relationships.

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