The current issue of Diplomatic Courier has released a list of 99 foreign policy leaders under the age of 33. These are young people who have made a positive impact in the world with determination and hard work, and who come from different fields: law, policy, business, finance, …

UNC Chapel Hill, my US alma mater, has a tradition of having its alumni among the list. Last year, Rye Barcott, one of the founders of Carolina from Kibera was in it. This year, three other alumni made the cut.

Also this year, Danielle Goldberg, my wonderful roomate and an alumna Atlas Corps Fellow was nominated as a “convener”, someone who “brings people together in creative ways to address a pressing international issue or enhance the foreign policy community.” She works for Columbia University as a program coordinator in the Peace Building and Rights Program.

Congratulations, Danielle!

As an Atlas Corps Fellow and a friend, I really look up to you and your passion for human rights. I am certain that many other awards will keep coming your way!


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