So many countries are experiencing a lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many were forced to panic buy. Out of fear and confusion many bought items they do not need. Others bought what they needed but in excess, not leaving some in the shelves for others to buy.

At the moment, the fear has reduce for some, the panic is gradually fading away, but the reality of increased number of COVID-19 cases is still staring us in the face. It is therefore important to continue to act smart and rise above these times. If there is a season to avoid buying things you don’t need and save money, it is this period.

As you well know, organizations are finding it difficult to pay their staff, many staff have been laid off. Many more will be laid off. Millions of people in Americans have filed for unemployment. All across the world, unemployment is hitting everyone hard.

This is indeed a tough time. Therefore, this is a period to activate your survival skills. And one of the ways to do that while self isolating is to stock up the house with the much needed items.

Watch this video to get tips on what you need to stock up your home while self isolating. Just in case you have not been getting it right.

Stay safe.