I have learnt that “Americans” are formal, punctual as they meet deadlines and mind schedules unlike Africans, who take their time in a flexible manner and less-pressing at work. My experiences in DC shows “Everyone is busy” doing different kind of businesses such as writing projects, attending Public Events, panel discussions, training, create networks, meet friends, and happy hours.

In some African countries, if the meeting is schedule at 9 AM – Participants will arrive at 10 /or 11 AM which is a different interpretation about “time management” as i have experience as a challenge while in DC.

In meeting a friend or a colleague, we take a lot of time – telling stories rather than “direct messages” such as elevator speech (your name, what you do, and what you are working on) to create networks. Therefore I am trying and ready to improve on my time management skills to meet deadlines and schedules to all my networks and partner organizations.

In reference to my community (Ikwoto – South Sudan) as a small village, time is not a problem to people that’s why time is flexible and less-pressing. People enjoy singing, dancing, telling stories for long hours as they are not exposed to modern life where everything is programmed and has schedule. I believe with time, people will be focused at “time” and consider it as an essential tool in the development. I am always curious about my community’s way of life and desire to improve their developmental perspectives to a certain level that provide people a sense of ownership.

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