South Sudan is the youngest Country of the world after the longtime of agony, political deadlock and marginalization of the Southern Sudan region for the period of more than 50 years by Khartoum government, but leaders have no big idea to stop the suffering of the South Sudanese people even after self-determination from Sudan. The war which emanated in December 2013 was unexpected, and should mark the end of miscalculation of how best the life of the citizens should be improved.

Last year in August, the warring parties signed the Compromise Peace Agreement in Addis Abba Ethiopia but the implementation phase has been very slow up to today. The chief of rebel group and the president of South Sudan have inadequate trust between them to work for peace to improve the quality of life among people and that why there is unnecessary delay of the formation of Government of National Unity that will run for 30 months before they go for elections. However, the arrival of the chief of General Staff of Vice President designate Dr. Riek Machar to Juba will be followed by the return of Machar and eventually the formation of Government of National Unity.

The two leaders should make sure that the population which is in momentous pain of poverty, and daily attacks must experience peace among themselves to avoid any further escalation of misunderstanding, and intimidation from both sides of the conflict. The disadvantaged people should be repatriated to their areas to start their normal life again. The banishment of the internal displaced persons should be followed by accountability and reconciliations among the citizens whom their loved ones were killed for no reason and subjected to hardship.

Nonetheless, the armed militants should be engaged in intensive training for the period in which those two armies are going to be in separate command in the Country. By doing so will help the leaders to unify the armies that will work for the national interest but not protection of their tribal leaders to maintain or assume leadership in undemocratic manner.

Furthermore, I would like all of us as citizens of that Country and friends around the world to join hands and strive to forge ahead the surest way for peace and clemency. When we do this then we shall be in better position to boost up our economy through agricultural mechanization, exploitation of our national resources; constructions of the infrastructures, education facilities, roads, hospitals, provision of employment opportunities, promotion of investments, fixing political dilemma, and collaborating with international community among the rest.

In nutshell, I love this quote for smooth communication of two parties which says that “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” They should make sure that there is an effective communication channel to avoid misunderstanding on controversial issues during implementation of peace.


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