Last year if you told me I would be serving at Microsoft Redmond, WA. I would probably laugh at you.

And yet here I am, spending my second week in Microsoft Headquarters.

It all started when I felt that my career stopped being satisfying for me, in the way that there is no purpose to it. I am someone who seeks a sense of purpose to improve the human condition and make people’s lives better, this is why I volunteer a lot. I know that there is more to life than making money and a stable living, so in the last year I’ve been really considering a change of career so I can do some work with impact.

The question was how to transition from IT to a more impactful work?

So I made one of the best decisions of my life, applying to Atlas Corps. From that moment everything was amazing!

I got to meet a group of like-minded incredible leaders from around the world, we spent an amazing week in DC together attending the Atlas Corps very helpful orientation week, we got to know each other, to exchange ideas and to start, what I hope to be, long lasting friendships.

I got an offer from Microsoft to work on their Airband project which aims to give broadband internet affordable access to rural communities and help close the digital divide particularly in the areas of agriculture, education, healthcare, and small-business opportunities. That was the perfect match for me!

The Airband project is more than I expected. The team is super nice and helpful. I got a female supervisor for the first time and I’m loving it. Microsoft campus is huge, you actually need shuttles to go from a building to another, it has so many cool features 😉

The journey has just begun!

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