When I received the invitation to participate in the March Madness in a bracket pool, I had no idea what was it about. But the first thing I read was from my good friend Diego, from whom I will trust every word about sports. He replied to the collective email: Its a great sporting event to look forward to, and it’s a whole month. Just registered my bracket it was pretty simple and fast. I’m with Michigan this time. And I absolutely trusted him! When trying out my bracket, I was just thinking on how hard would be to have a final with University of Michigan and Michigan State University competing while I am in Detroit, Michigan. But I went for it, my prediction were the two of them as the finalists in the national tournament for men’s college basketball in the United States, where a field of 68 teams gets narrowed down to one national champion over 3 weeks through a huge bracket.

it was announced as “the best sporting event in the U.S.” even for people who don’t know anything about college basketball. But here in Detroit, most people know about sports, and there are teams for most sports! University of Michigan ended up in the second place, it has a preetty good prestige not only in the region, but it is on the top at a national level.

Ok, that is the first fact, Michiganders are very into sports! Probably more than other states. Second fact, it has very good universities. But the third fact that I want to share now and that I have been discovering since I am here, is the amazing beauty of the nature in the region! The Great Lakes Area is unique in the country, sharing the border with Canada. The Great lakes are many interconnected freshwater lakes consisting of Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. It has lot of Maple trees (and consequently maple syrup), a rich history of migration, early settlements from Finland, France, the Netherlands, people who came because of the water and the forests. And the only thing I want to say now is… go and explore it! You won´t regret doing a road trip, and in summer it will get better and you may splash in one of the lakes! Enjoy the pics 🙂

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