Reading ‘Three Cups of Tea’ has been very eye-opening experience for me. Throughout the book pages, I became sad, happy, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed as the story presented Mr. Greg’s path to establish schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I think most of the people in the development sector are passionate about social issues. But Greg’s story presents us the determination beyond passion. His courage, sacrifice, respect, deeper understanding of people’s feelings, responsibility to succeed to give life changing path for children of Baldu, Skardu and other villages is outstanding.

I am so happy that I could see the Pakistan through this book which I never saw it through international media. I have never been to Pakistan(UNTIL NOW) but I travelled to the high Himalayas of Karakoram, took a ride on the Truck to the laps of mountains and enjoyed the taste of the tea that Mr. Greg had. Managing personal and professional life is a big challenge for the development practitioner as their heart never stays in one place. I admire Tara equally. I know Mr. Greg perhaps would never have enjoyed and work freely if Tara’s support was not there. What an amazing woman she is.

When Twaha Ali said ‘I will sell all my land if necessary, so she can complete her education. I owe that to the memory of my father’ remembering his father Haji Ali and explaining how he will support his daughter to be educated. I remembered my dad so much. His words of wisdom and his promise to support me so that I can become an educated independent woman are the only things and reason why I am here where I am right now.

And I looked at this Truck Key ring so many times when I was reading this book. Thanks to my Pakistani fellow friends for gifting this to me.