On the second day of the UN social good summit, I had the opportunity to join the youth summit for countering violence and extremism, what I believe to be the biggest challenge for SDG16 and the 2030 mission in general. Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development cannot be achieved without stopping this madnenning war between the world super powers over natural resources, raw materials, and oil.

I was amazed by the delegations that were representing Australia, US and Western Europe- all of them from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and I don’t if that was intended or if this is one human tragedy on earth.

I like the statement that Hamza Yusuf, American Islamic scholar made (Read Here) saying, ”We go you go so better for us to embrace our diversity and stop these crazy people who are pushing for clash of civilization.”

My argument and point of view about how we can counter violence and extremism cannot be achieved only through war, but that digital and social media, education and job opportunities are the most powerful weapons in this war.

Civilizations, like people, have ages. They have youth, they have middle age, and old age, and in many ways these are decrepit societies perhaps waiting for a reincarnation to be reborn because societies need to be renovated.

Renovation is a key word for reforming and building a new international system that respects and works to accept and integrate this diversity that we fail to understand, and use it for inclusive development and prosperity.

Global solidarity is very important to save our planet, for until we hand it over to the next generation, we need to focus in particular, on the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and with the participation of all countries.

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