Whenever you are venturing into something new, it is important you look for those who have been there before you and learn from them. With their help, you will be able to avoid the mistakes they made. Who knows, there may just be a short cut to your destination, which they discovered on their way back.

One of the characters of great leaders is their ability to humbly ask questions, seek mentors or coaches, submit to a higher knowledge and execute those instructions that will push them closer to their dreams.

Humility is key here. It doesn’t matter how “young” or “small” you may think they are. If they have been their before you, then they are older and wiser than you in that regard. They have the authority to guide you if you choose to be humble. They earned it. Respect that.

When I got to the semi final stage of the Atlas Corps interview, my wife Sola and I searched their websites to look for Nigerian fellows that I could reach out to. Oyindamola Johnson‘s profile popped out. On seeing his picture, Sola identified him as her school fellowship choir director back in the University. I looked for him on Facebook and sent a message. We connected on Skype and he gave all the help I needed.

He also connected me to Ekene Olatunji who was also going to do the same interview with me at the time. She got here before me and has helped my settling in easy.

One other person I connected was my friend Anyebe Victor Anyebe who is also an Atlas Corps Fellow. I have recruited him as a medical volunteer several times for the numerous medical outreaches I coordinated for the organisation I worked with back in Nigeria . His tips were helpful during the interview phase with my host organisation.

Jeremiah Agenyi is another fellow who I happened to work with in responding to infectious disease outbreaks across Nigeria. He was another person who was very helpful from the beginning till the time I left for my fellowship.

This is one of the spirits of Atlas Corps fellowship. It is the power of networking, where fellows are always willing to help both potential and active fellows (alumni inclusive). It is a family. Everyone is willing to help the other make progress.

Solomon once said, “In the multitude of counsel, there is safety.” You can’t go wrong with many wise counsels. That is one strategic way to win a war.

I am here because I got help from other fellows. Never be too shy or too proud to seek help. Thank you Damola, Ekene, Victor and Jeremiah. You are my powerful networks that lived up to the expectations that Atlas Corps demands.