Grandpa taught me that the world is full of fake people.
Further, saying that life should not be like that.
Life should be shared genuinely!
Smile while others are in misery every single day,
Live simply while others are complicating their lives in sophistication,
Have real fun while others are doing it in sarcasm,
Have a spiritual life while others are living in religious hypocrisy,
Have a sense of pride for thy cultural roots while others are forgetting of who they are as a people,
And continue to have faith in thyself that you’ll make it while others live in desperation and lose hope in you!








Mama’s wisdom of living a life in genuine happiness influenced me a lot as well.

Be happy when you serve, the others shall smile genuinely in return.

Be humble in leading, the others shall follow gracefully.
Be honest in whatever you say and do, the others shall remember you of essence.
Be respectful in thy relationships, the others shall stand by you in loyalty for the rest of your life.
And be loving, the others shall protect and care for you with passion throughout life!

That is my world,
They are part of my world.

That is how I see the world!
I see it with sense of genuineness!
I see life and the world with a big smile of meaning!

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