I would like to start with this when thinking of home: housing is a big deal, why is that? I ask myself and try to find a good reason and constructive solution in respond to one of the most challenging situations I have been working out as far as I go for two months in the bay area.

Having been truly appreciative hospitality and generosity of supporters throughout the time being for my one-year long Atlas Corps Fellowship Program, this opportunity supported my relocation away home from a thousands of mile from the east to the west. Learning disciplinary experience to search and arrange getting a place to live and to realize even greater appreciation to quality of life that means very essential part of all human life. Seeing people in the crowd making their ways home and that many people from all walks of life on the street have not just yet got there to make anywhere to call home. All of this first-hand learning experiences affirm me to realize how important housing rights is to the people and individual human being. For my short answer in respond to why housing is a big thing, because it is actually the whole life stuff.

Housing is not just simply about shelter to keep every human life stay safe from unkind weather conditions. It is to also provide fairness of privacy and offer harmony of resting. It is the human rights and the right to housing [1]. It is to affirm that every human have the right to decent standard of living [2]

I would like to share my personal experiences and lessons learned about unrest housing and an on-going management to make a decent living in the city of San Francisco. This is where I have been serving as a “social servant” for good causes for the people in the world. Most people who can afford to live in a “home” pay a shared place to be able to set aside some amount of living expenses for other living needs such as adequate healthy food, enough clothing, sufficient effective health care, quality of education and entertainments. I do what most people do – sharing. I learn to share more and furthermore I improve budgeting skill under a minimum living fund to make it as much as efficient even for unlikely possibility to do – there are ways to make the best out of toughness. There are also better alternatives to allow having more convenient on living become a reward strategy to harmonize ease and disease.

Allowing myself to stay on a positive attitude and expand my perspective beyond challenges that I admittedly they make me down sometimes, then I make fun of it harder. Taking advantage of walk and regard it as an exercise for healthy life, then I am much stronger. Be willing to take time and enjoy friendly neighborhood along the way for half an hour to go on blistering foot for a free service public shuttle which local residents were successfully advocate the state to provide this public welfare of what people contribute, I am deeply proud of it.

It is a long way home. I am making my journey across the continents on the way home.

One last thing before I end my note about home, I would like to encourage people to see this film “Moving to Mars” [3].

It is about thousands of refugees from Burma/Myanmar have been internally and internationally displaced and seeking asylum elsewhere because of militarization related involve of what caused it still on going. Many families have been resettled in countries such as the US, Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands [4].

There, it is all I wanted to say. In reality, how hard variety people have been through so much to make their ways home. This is the way home.


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