Back again for this great blog, my job/life is somehow overwhelming and I need to focus clearly. At the same time it is a new experience to be writing this blog. The events in Egypt have clearly spelled something out for me to note. Human right violation and the problem of extra judicial killings. I know Egypt might be a bad example and a case to be treated with care. At the same time, any extra judicial killing shall be treated as such. This is one mind-disturbing problem in the Africa, the policing of the state and the right to kill. From one corner of the continent to another. Police occasionally overstep their boundaries. This has cut down innocent life, youths expected to be leaders cut in-between firearms of the state. Stepping into where I currently live, the wave of anguish has died down over the killing of Trayvon Martins, by a vigilante or civilian. The power of a gun in the hands of people is still mind disturbing and currently spawning a wave of argument. What do you think about these two cases? Its time to communicate with readers and get their opinions.


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