Tipping my toes along the pathway
As I head towards the hallway,
To see the one to lead me faraway,
To the azure, comfort in sky-way,
Didn’t see the hidden third eye

Along the smooth avenue of Iowa,
Dashing from my 4319 abode like an oar,
With my hopes above they soar,
Changing perspectives every passing hour,
Didn’t see the hidden third eye

The swaying trees gave me company,
Falling tree leaves caressed me as a nanny,
Squirrels crisscrossed my path anyway,
Passing glances got from passerby,
Didn’t see the hidden third eye

It was up there hidden between the lips,
Window panes preventing it to slips,
Always from the metaphysical drips,
That ever gave me tighter than tight grips,
Didn’t see the hidden third eye

This day I saw the eye,
Its hue were quite nigh,
Near my face full of dye,
Of blindness that level high,
The attic where the third was

Eric Njoroge


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